Advanced Search

We received some feedback from a few people that wanted an ability to view gear for a specific job instead of sifting through all the gear sets to find gear for their job. We agreed and decided to work on a new Advanced Search which you should be able to find in the site header now!

Using this search, you can specify a job, gender, race, and add/remove categories of gear. Just note that we currently only have images of Hyur models, so even though Race is an option, the images will still be shown as Hyur unless the armor set is race-specific, such as the starting gear. We don’t currently have any of the race-specific gear up yet, but we will.

Additionally, if we return all sets that the job can equip, it is quite long and we found that a lot of results would be from seasonal event sets. To help with this, we added filtering based on categories. Do you only want to see gear in the DoW/DoM category? Only want to see Glamour gear? You can add or remove these categories to match what you are looking for!

Try out this new Advanced Search and let us know what you think! You can message me on reddit or submit feedback through our contact form.

What Comes Next

We have added roughly half of the Glamour equipment, but we still have a lot left to go. We will continue to capture screenshots of those and post them in batches. After Glamours, we’ll move onto DoH, and finally DoL.

Additionally, you may have noticed that we got the new Eureka armor sets up pretty fast after patch. We are hoping we can continue this trend with future patches, we hope to get the new sets up as quickly as possible. It does still take some time to capture the amount of screenshots we take, but we’ll do our best to get it up, so check back after patches!

Both of us will be attending Fanfest later this week! We’re really excited, but as you can probably imagine, this will mean there won’t be any updates to the site until we return next week. We’ll get back in the swing of things once we return, though!